Substation Installations & Maintenance

Our Teams have great experience in the installation of Substations. We travel nationwide working with all types of switchgear, cables, accessories and DNO/IDNO specifications. We have made it our goal to understand our customer’s requirements and breaking the mold of sitting back and waiting for answers we go out and seek solutions. We can take a substation from landing switchgear into correct positioning, completing Earthing whether it be brazing, exothermic or mechanical, installing cabling from small wiring or The HV cable to your POC, complete all electrical connections from small wiring to HV Terminations. All of our work is tested and made ready for client or DNO/IDNO.

We also keep well stocked stores so if you ever find something is missing for your project we will usually have one ready to dispatch on shelf.

Once Substations have been installed they will require a scheduled maintenance routine

We are able to perform routine maintenances, audit, Transformer oil samples or a HV bushing replacement. Whatever the job, we have the right team and equipment ready to carry this out the work precisely and safe.

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